Let's cooperate

Before any code is written or any pixels are placed we sit down to make a plan for what needs to be done and how we will achieve our goals. Launching a great product is all about teamwork and multiple perspectives. It requires a combination of strategy, design and development to build products that users will keep coming back to. OMT is the hub that facilitates this combination and we strive to build long and fruitful partnerships.


Coming up with great ideas is a very special thing. Our core business is finding people with great ideas and teaming up with them. You bring the idea, the drive and the leg work while we provide the design, technology and business development. Together we bring the idea to market and reap the benefits based off a shared revenue model and a split equity.


Do you have a great idea but not a great deal of time? We also invest in ideas that we think have merit. As a supplier of a good idea without the time or drive to be an entrepreneur this is a model where we take responsibility for all aspects of the product in return for a higher percentage of ownership.


Although we mainly work in the domain of long term projects with partners we also do consulting. We help clients with one-off problems in areas that we are subject matter experts. Such subjects can range from ERP systems to video conferencing, business development and branding.