Oliver Mulelid-Tynes

Oliver is a co-founder and our visionary / principal architect. He thrives when he can digest a raw idea into a product design. He is experienced at analysing which area of a process can be automated and computerized and is quick to grasp the essence of a product or business. He has a background mainly in backend development and has lately grown very fond of the Elixir language and ecosystem. His domain knowledge is currently focused on geology, real time video / video conferencing, organic certification and ERP systems for the fishing industry. His formal education is within statistics and computer science from the University of Bergen.

In his spare time he used to be big on CrossFit and mountain hiking. These days he is a little bigger around the waist and instead an adept bottle feeder and lullaby singer. He loves taking the little one on piggy back rides in the woods and up the mountains.

Brandon Orther

Brandon is a co-founder and the company tech lead and self proclaimed tech addict. He is deeply vested into a wide range of technologies and is daily honing his skills within the react and redux eco system. His background is very diverse and he has worked with everything from real time messaging to music streaming to embedded systems. His heart belongs to ClojureScript and most things lisp and he is looking forward to the day the rest of the world understands how great this paradigm is. He spearheads most of the day to day development in OMT.

In his spare time he raises a little hellion of a dog named Bash, skateboards when his ankle/feet aren't broken from skateboarding, and explores the exciting world outside of a computer screen known as "reality" with his fiancèe.

Monica Mulelid-Tynes
COO / Sales (currently on maternity leave)

Monica is a strategist at heart and thrives out in the field meeting customers and potential partners. Her formal background is a master of Science in Economics and Business Development from the University of Aarhus. Her strong points is mixing structure with creativeness helping the client be both innovative and on track with what needs to be done. She offers in depth knowledge on strategy and business planning for entering new markets.

In her spare time she is chasing endorphins as often as possible, preferably up a mountain or by lifting heavy things. Mother to an active little rascal, wife to Oliver (also a rascal) and a second rascal is currently in production. She can’t sing lullabies like Oliver does, but she can cook up some mean cakes.

Dylan Foster
Senior frontend developer

Dylan is a frontend developer with a knack for making things look nice. He enjoys life both in his code editor and in photoshop. He has got experience in a wide range of frameworks. His coding career started out in PHP before making the leap over to Angular. Currently he is working in React and Redux and is our team's workhorse creating great content at a colossal rate.

In his spare time you will find him hanging upside down below a kite, skimming the waves off the coast of Fort Lauderdale. He’s been a kiter for many years and you’ll also find him shredding the occasional wave on his stand up surf board.

Trond A. Ekseth
Senior full stack developer

Trond is a full-stack developer with a background in Lua and Go, and an uncanny knowledge of regular expressions. He was recruited after years of helping our CEO (Oliver) decipher hieroglyphs written in RegEx. Since joining OMT he’s been developing full-time in Elixir atop the Phoenix framework and in JavaScript using React / Redux.

In his spare time he continues his life long quest of tasting every beer known to mankind. His tool to achieve this is his hobby project Unik. When he isn’t smashing code or beer bottles, he is smashing a small rubber ball around in a squash court.

Reyven Charlton
Business Administrator

Reyven is the administrative assistant to all US operations. She handles the day to day tasks required to keep our US business chugging along. Aside from daily/weekly recurring needs such as bookkeeping, she's often helping executive tasks get completed by coordinating with outside professional services (e.g. legal, accounting, banking). Her experience in childcare has also been a great resource for helping a cranky executive and/or frustrated developer get through their day.

In her spare time she mothers a rascal of a dog named Bash. She loves home made fashion, furniture, art, and we suppose her fiancè.

Eirik Føleide
Designer / Brand consultant

Eirik is educated in communication and design from Norwegian Business School and Norges Kreative Fagskole. He has worked with communication, UX and design for various clients of all sizes, from small local companies to bigger international companies. He enjoys working with concept development and loves the concept of simplicity.

In his spare time he enjoys watching and playing football (soccer) and riding pow on snowboard. 

Irnis Besirovic

Irnis is our developer-in-training. He is working with us three days a week for three years while attending high school. He is working mainly on frontend related work and is learning javascript, html and css at a breakneck speed. Irnis is also our chief barista officer. 

When he’s not headbutting stylesheets he spends his spare time like most other teenagers, hanging out and working out.