SafariDB is an ongoing joint venture research project between The University of Aberdeen and Uni Research CIPR funded by a consortium of oil companies operating on the norwegian continental shelf, The Research Council of Norway and The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate.

The project aims to develop a fully searchable repository of geological outcrop data use in for reservoir modelling, exploration and to improve our understanding of sequence stratigraphy. It started out in 2009 with no funding or inclination towards IT development other than pure research tools. It was quickly discovered that a collection of excel spreadsheets was not a good way to achieve the goal of being a searchable repository.

Oliver joined the Uni Research CIPR team as an employee in 2011 for phase two and developed the initial version of the database in house. Currently the project is in phase three with OMT Technologies as a complete provider of all development services with planning under way for a fourth three year phase.

The three major pieces of the system we develop is:

  1. A system to deliver 3d geological data over the wire
  2. “Soft data” in a wiki format
  3. “Hard data” in the form of geometric measurements on the 3d geological models