Sow Organic is a joint venture between ourselves and Crosstek started in august 2016.

The aim of Sow Organic is to bring more sustainable food supply to the world by streamlining organic certification. Sow Organic is a Multi-Sided Platform that increases efficiency and eliminates paperwork for the organic industry, providing federally compliant record keeping, reporting and auditing data for increased transparency across the value chain.

We were originally brought in as specialists to help salvage an initial prototype that was struggling under the load of production use. We quickly determined that a full rewrite and redesign would be the best for the project and what we ended up with was a joint venture where we entered the project as a stakeholder.

The major pieces we are developing for Sow Organic are:

A system to allow a certifier to specify large and complex forms spanning multiple worksheets resulting in a NOP Organic Systems Plan(OSP)

A system for farmers and other organic producers to fill out, review, discuss and submit their OSP

A system for farmers and other organic producers to keep track of their records and documents


Our partnership with OMT has fused together the best of both talents between our two teams. OMT’s skill set in software architecture and design and their energetic and dedicated world-class team of developers gives us confidence that we will make waves in the industry for years to come.

Lydia Henshaw
Co-Founder, Crosstek